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The Story Co-Creators Club is 
recognising brand storytellers from across 
the world, who 's 
brand stories have driven business results effectively
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The Jury will review the work remotely and score each category on a 10 point scale.
They will judge the Design Thinking nature of the solution. 

Entries that average less than 7 do not get an award. 7-8 get a Bronze, 8-9 a Silver, 9+ a Gold.

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Integrated Marketing Stories
(Has won Gold, Silver or Bronze​ in more than three categories)

If you'd like to know how SMART Stories are created in each of these categories, do check out the 

#StoryTree Workshop​

A SMART Objective is one that is
Sustainable, Measurable, has an Allowable cost, is Reviewable and Timebound

Click on each category to know more
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Terms & Conditions
1)  Unfolding reserves the right to make any changes to the event, or terms and conditions as it deems necessary
2)  All awardees are required to attend physically/ digitally at the event. In case an awardee is not able to attend, a nominee can be present at the conference on their behalf
3)  The form that has been filled above doesn’t guarantee or ensure that you will be selected for the award
4) Claims made by the applicant such as “unique”, “world-first”, “one of a kind”, or “owned by” must be substantiated. Unfolding reserves the right to request further evidence such as records of all applicable patents, trademarks, design registrations, or intellectual property ownership.
5) The awardees will be selected based on a list of parameters designed by the awards committee and will be intimated accordingly

6) The decision of the awards committee will be final and binding. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

7) By entering “ The Storytelling Awards, applicants confirm they have all relevant permission(s) from involved parties associated with the entry including the client(s), copyright and patent holders, and any other associated parties involved with the design and development of the entry to allow Good Design Australia to promote the entry across any of its promotional platforms without limitation.
8) As an awardee you hereby confirm that the information submitted in this form is true, complete and accurate 

9) Unfolding will use its best endeavors to credit photography and AV material supplied as part of an entry where such information has been specifically supplied. All other images and AV material supplied to the media will be credited: ” Images courtesy of Unfolding“


Entry Fees

The entry fees are dependent on the date of entry and size of the company, as set out on the Unfolding. Any entrant deemed to have acted dishonestly when registering their entry will be contacted and may result in disqualification. Upon registration, entrants should ensure they enter the correct information.

Payment must be made through the online payment system on the Unfolding website. Entrants will receive confirmation that their entry or entries have been successfully received via email once payment has been made. No other payment method will be accepted except at the discretion of Unfolding


Participants are allowed to withdraw their submitted projects from Unfolding at any time, however, fees will not be refunded if the submitted entry is withdrawn.
In the event of disqualification, the entrant’s entry fees will be refunded within 30 days.