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You learn by doing. 

The same way you learn cooking. Or cycling. Or gardening.

There is a fee involved. US $ 500.


But you earn ten times more than the fee involved, within a year.


Otherwise, you have our money-back guarantee.


After all, if you don't become our prosumer, how will The StoryTree Club grow?






There are a few caveats to our workshop.


Because learning-by-doing can't be learned second-hand, If you miss a scheduled session, you need to pay an additional US$50
and the faculty will catch you up on the session you missed.


The 10 coaching sessions take 60 minutes each. If you are late, you pay $1 a minute. This becomes prize money that can be won back by the participants. If we don't finish on time, we contribute $1 a minute to the prize kitty.

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How to create stories
that create measurable brand value

1. Thou shall start with a SMART objective

2. Thou shall have a purpose that is not to just make MONEY


3. Thou shall base that purpose on a true consumer insight. An UNMET EMOTIONAL NEED. 

4. Thou shall marshal thy forces against the ENEMY OF THAT PURPOSE


5. Thou shall MEASURE THE VALUES that your followers find memorable enough to relate to others


6. Thou shall measure the value that these PARABLES are creating


7. Thou shall LISTEN TO YOUR FOLLOWERS even more than they listen to you 

8. Thou shall create more stories based on the FOLLOWER'S SUCCESS


9. Thou shall review your progress 9 months into the calendar year


10. Thou shall set the next year's SMART objective for betterment of your followers


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Sumit Roy

Sumit Roy of Univbrands has been running online learn-by-earning programs since 1998.
He learned how to build brands in the 14 years he spent with Ogilvy. (1973-1987)
He learned how to grow people who grow brands in the 4 years he spent with Lintas. (1987-1991)
Since then he has been running his learn-by-earning university.


Tanmay Patel


Chief Creative Officer of  Unfolding. He will provide creative support to participants who need it
for their brand stories.

Tanmay's company,, will also track the results of the stories you create till you learn
to set up those tracking systems yourself. 


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Workshop Registration
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Workshop Registration Form


Choose your slot

By Clicking on the link above you agree to pay the amount mentioned above the timings and the registration of your seat will be confirmed once the payment is done. The above cost includes GST.

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