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Tanmay Patel

Born on bright sunny evening in May at 4o'clock, one of those hot dry days in the plains of the Ganges. Late Pushpa Patel held in her hands a bawling boy who did not quite know why he was brought into this world.


Where was Raipur? What did it have to do with the rest of the world?


Tanmay Patel, as that boy was called, is still finding out. The story is still unfolding and if you are reading this, you might well become part of that story. For now he has a plan. He has decided that he will be in charge of his own story. And the stories of anyone who wants their own untold stories to unfold.


You see, now Tanmay Patel has discovered his path. After an immersive course which focused on creative communications at MICA, Ahmedabad; and acheiving bronze medal
in art direction, he realized that everyone- person, business or an enterprise has an interesting untold story to tell. He then worked as Art Director at DDB Mudra and Digitas LBi crafting stories for some of the biggest brands in the country like TATA Motors, Century Ply, Sintex, Symphony, The Arvind Store, SIMBA Beer to name a few. Now he plans to help businesses communicate their untold stories through his new venture-Unfolding. Through photographs and design. Through strategy and insights. Through ideas that engage. Stories that people want to share. Stories that create a tribe of followers.


For people not just in Raipur. For anyone in this global village he was born into.You see, now he's had over 30 years of twists and turns in his own story.The world has changed in those 30 years and now '' is only a keyboard away from yours. 


An alumnus in industrial design .His journey Started from China as a design researcher to heading an innovation firm for a billion dollar French Multi national . He expertises in developing creative business models and products by decoding human behaviour and emotion .His interest in behaviour economics , psychology and business strategies creates an unique combination for solving complex problems for the industry.He teaches and gives lectures in many reputed colleges of India on creating meaningful innovation using human centred design approach.

Udit Bhattacharya

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